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Rare books and records, CDs, tapes, Sheet music, celebrity Autographs and memorabilia

Welcome to the "one-stop" site on the web for buying, selling, trading and
finding all those hard-to-get, long deleted and generally bloody obscure bits and pieces that you didn't know you wanted - until you found out they still

Music of all kinds, on paper, vinyl, tape, CD and even those horrible breakable things you can make ash trays from!

Autographs and Memorabilia from stage, screen, sport, TV and the music biz!

Books - fact and fiction - old, new and
antiquarian.  From out-of-print pulp
fiction to classic and modern first

All sorts of bits and pieces that don't
really fit into any category - but are dead good if you like that sort of thing!!!

Beech Books & Records
28B Oldbury Road
West Midlands

Phone: +44 (0)121 559 9822
Fax: +44 (0)121 561 5052

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